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Myongji university
Department of media communication design
Promotion video of 16th graduation exhibition.


It's one of my graduation works.

This work contains content about the value of the media contents.

I wanted to express the identity of a media designer who create new media contents by adding common movements and unexplored imaginative movements.

# Use camera  :  Canon 5D mark2, Sony A7S2, (Drone scene) DJI Inspire2
# Use Tools  :  After effect CC 2017, CINEMA 4D R18 (Physical renderer)

Before entering the work, I had to consider the title of the graduation exhibition first, and I progress conferences to select a title many time. 

The selected title is '品' . The reason why the Chinese character is selected as the title is that the Chinese character is a hieroglyphic character, so the existence form and the form of the character are directly related. so can include various meanings in a word.

I thought that the three rectangular shapes in the '品' were similar to the rectangular frame(In video) shapes, so it was symbolically shown that a large number of frames gathered to be our exhibition. The video content we create is ultimately shown in some frames, so it emphasizes the frame form and implies that we embed our creations in it.

And I needed to organize this.

The following image is part of a conference PPT for organizing the above contents. (Sry.. It's korean..  T_T)

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Thanks for watching :)

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