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' CH ' Logo Identity 3D motion graphic video.
This project is a 3D motion graphic representation of the identity of my logo.
The 'sphere', which is visible at the beginning of the video, is a projection that means myself. As a result, I wanted to show implicitly that I have differentiated personality and competence from other objects in design field, by changing and adapting appropriately in various processes and environments.
I was inspired by various 3D motion graphic videos as well as by images of a frame, especially the ones related to the organized design look, including the many " interior " related images. Also Interior images with marble and steel texture were used to express an air of luxury.
In addition, I have been very careful to properly adjust the background music and the motion of the objects in the video and the timing of the transitions to emphasize motion sense.

I first thought about how my logo identity would look. And I wrote the thoughts in note. As a result, the core keyword was set to 'processing'. 
And I created various concept sketches and storyboards to visualize the keywords, and I refer to and summarize the various references mentioned above to see how they are visualized.
After the storyboard was somewhat complete, it was then used to produce the animatics using Cinema 4D. Tests were conducted on the overall flow of the video and its compatibility with the pre-selected background music, and later camera movements completed.
After completing animatics, I worked on improving the quality based on it.
I had gradually increased my completion through modeling, lighting, and rendering test. especially I spent a lot of time on rendering testing because It took me half an hour to a render sheet.
lastly I took the video to the After Effects and performed post-production. In the post work, I mainly corrected the tone and color, and edited timing of movements in the video more exquisitely.

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